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Meet James

My name is James Mullins. I currently reside in the City of Tonawanda. My employment with People Inc. began a little more than three years ago. My interest in this particular field began a long time ago. As a child I was lucky enough to live next to a young girl with cerebral palsy. The kids in my neighborhood treated her very poorly. Long story short, I got beat up a lot sticking up for my neighbor. Speaking up against her bullies put the attention on me, removing it from her. The torment I took as a result, I wore like a badge of honor. I was profoundly happy that I was able to help. Soon my mother was diagnosed with cancer and fighting for her life. As I helped my mom die comfortably, my resolve to help others who needed it grew.

I became a paramedic when I was old enough to. For eight years I was able to make a difference in multiple communities working as a medic. Unable to handle the physicality of the job, my career as a medic ended. I read an article about People Inc. and knew it was the next step for me. The morals instilled in me through my experiences, were in line with People Incorporated’s visions. It seemed a natural fit. Currently with over three years in the company, I have found it more rewarding than I had ever imagined it would be. The occupants of this house, both staff and residents, are the sole reason I come to work every day. They light up my days, and I try to do the same for them, they are family to me.

My typical day begins with breakfast for seven. Everybody is helped with their morning hygiene needs, and helped to the buses. After that we have quite a bit of cleaning. The residents that stay home become my focus. I assist each resident with their personal needs, and then I put on my day aide hat by making sure everyone’s medical needs are met. I may run appointments, set up new ones, count, and order and distribute medications. Once this is completed, I deal with all of the paperwork involved. If anything else arises, we handle that too. My job in a nutshell is to help wherever and whenever possible.

Adequate training and retraining are very important in this particular field. Examples of the recent training I have completed are as follows: Alzheimer’s and dementia training, code of conduct, supervisors training, achieving adult status, financial training, business office training, fire safety, HIPPA compliance, habilitation plans, Justice Center code of conduct, lifting and transferring, medical policies, pressure wound prevention, SCIP-R, service coordination, supervisors role, appointments and glucose training, creating a hab plan, creating an ISP plan, medical administration, CPR, colostomy care. I am currently enrolled in continuing supervisory training, as that is my current goal.

I hope to spread the good work of People Inc., and encourage people to help the best way they know how.